Welcome to THE LOCK IN

A journal from The Mix.

The Mix was founded to challenge the role of research in the context of marketing – to make people sit up and listen to normal people when it comes to making big commercial decisions.

In the streets, the sitting rooms and kitchen tables across the American midwest, in Aberdeen, Lagos, Kyoto, Melbourne or Turin. We are your eyes and ears to places
and people you’ve not thought about before.

Hooked on the friction and the crackle when we all learn something new and unexpected.

When the data, trends and the people all say ‘we’re saying the same thing’.

Since 2012 The Mix has been combining the best of quant, qual, strategy and creative. We’ve consciously built a team that includes under-heard voices and experiences. Because If you want to learn something new, start talking to the people who aren’t listened to.

Diverse voices.
Technicolour world.
Rich in culture.